With Super Bowl 54 this weekend, be on the lookout for double dippers at your party (or the party you're attending). Illinois just cracked the top ten in the list of "States Most Likely To Double-Dip."

First, let's review the most double-dipped foods, according to this list by Digital Hub. French fries, chips, chicken nuggets, carrot sticks, and celery sticks make up the top five, respectively. My question is who is double-dipping french fries? Who, over the age of five, does such a thing? It's a crime is what it is. You can find the bottom five here, which includes pizza? Come on, now. Knock it off.

Now, Illinois double-dippers aren't completely reprehensible since they didn't crack the top five but we did beat out West Virginia, Florida, and Arizona in the race of "disgusting party fouls."

Here are a few more double-dipping survey results.

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