Saying a city is ugly is subjective and can be based on personal preference.

Some of the reasons a community is called ugly could be the decaying infrastructure, a lack of green space, or excessive billboards and ads that clutter up the landscape.

A new study by Travel Alot is listing the "ugliest city" in every U.S. state and some of these towns are some of my favorite places to visit.

These are America's Ugliest Cities

To determine which town in each U.S. state is the most unattractive, the study used comments from residents on social media platforms like Reddit who complained of things like lack of maintenance to poor design choices.

Some great American cities made the list for being the ugliest in their state, and while they may be nice places to live, these towns won't be winning a beauty contest anytime soon.

A few cities on the list that may be surprising include Reno, Nevada which was described as being "all the things you hate about Vegas without any of the good."

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Even with snowcapped mountains surrounding the town, Butte, Montana was ranked as one of America's Ugliest and that's likely because of the Berkely Pit. A popular local landmark where people pay to stand on a platform that overlooks a contaminated lake.

One visitor to Butte said, "no place I’ve ever been has more acutely captured the stale beer and piss, dirty ashtray vibe of utter despair."

Ugliest City in Illinois and Wisconsin

I'm going to strongly disagree with the Wisconsin city that was called the "Ugliest" in the state. According to the Travel Alot survey, Milwaukee was ranked as the Dairy State's most unattractive city, but the story said that Brew City is "definitely on the rise" with the development in the city.

In Illinois, the ugliest city is Riverdale. Located on the far south side of Chicago, the Village of Riverdale was described as having "cookie-cutter run-down brown buildings," and "housing is terrible."

To see the Ugliest City in every U.S. State, CLICK HERE.

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