If you have an I-Pass account, be on the look out for emails from E-ZPass stating you owe money for missing tolls; they're most likely a phishing scam and should be deleted immediately. 

According to the Illinois Tollway, some I-Pass customers have been receiving phishing emails from the "E-ZPass Collection Agency" with the subject titles of either "In arrears for driving on toll road" or "Payment for driving on toll road". If you see either of these emails in your inbox, delete them immediately. They are a phishing scam that is using the E-ZPass logo and letterhead fraudulently with the goal of stealing money.

If you do receive one of these emails, here is what you should do according to a statement from the Illinois Tollway;

When you recognize a phishing message, do not click on any links or attachments. Delete the email message from your Inbox and then empty it from the deleted items folder to avoid accidentally accessing the websites to which it points.

Please forward suspicious emails that appear to be from the Illinois Tollway to webmaster@getipass.com.


The good news is that so far, no I-Pass accounts have fallen victim to this phishing scam, but we all need to be aware that the chance exists. The Illinois Tollways also urges anyone who receives a phishing email to report it to www.ic3.gov so that other law enforcement agencies across the country are aware of this illegal behavior.




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