Over the weekends teens in Illinois collected sweatshirts for two very important reasons.

ABC7 shares that over the weekend teenagers from all parts of the Chicagoland area collected sweatshirts for two good reasons.

The teens "worked together to raise awareness about teen suicide while giving back to the community."

September is known as National Teen Suicide Awareness Month and "more than 2,000 student athletes from 64 Chicago area high schools set out to collect 3,100 sweatshirts."

Why 3,100?

That is the average number of "suicide attempts by teenagers each day in the United States."

For every sweatshirt that was collected each one represents a teen life lost to or that attempted suicide.

Wow! That is a very sobering thought.

That's an interesting way to bring awareness to the subject and to get people talking about it.

Now the second important reason or use for these collected sweatshirts is that now they will be "a part of a surprise delivery to a West Side homeless shelter."

Now that is a great and positive way to bring awareness to the heavy subject of suicide all while helping cloth and keep the community of those less fortunate warm.




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