An Illinois teen is grateful to be alive after being struck by lightning on the 4th of July.

He retells what if felt like being hit by the electric bolt.

ABC7 shares what Dawson Fuller experienced when he was struck by lightning on July 4th.

The 18-year-old and his girlfriend went to see the fireworks in Sheridan (about an hour from Rockford). He and his girlfriend walked to their spot to sit under a tree lightning struck.

Dawson doesn't remember being struck or knocked unconscious. In fact, the lightning burst injured 4 people, including Dawson.

Dawson said that "I guess the lightning must have struck. She flew forward and fell on her face and I must've flew backwards."

Both he and a four-year-old were both knocked unconscious.

As luck would have it there was help on hand in the form of "St. Charles Fire Captain Darin Peterson, Plainfield Firefighter Paramedic Eric Watkins and a physician." Both of which tended to Dawson and the 4-year-old. They both needed CPR to be revived.

Dawson said that he was told that "I went into cardiac arrest, they had to revive me, do CPR on me. I don't remember absolutely any of that,". What he does remember was coming "coming to in the ambulance." He said "I woke up out of cardiac arrest and I was freaking out. I didn't know what was happening, all the energy running through me."

Wow! How incredibly scary. Can you imagine?




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