Why are there pianos in these Chicago parks?

Well there's a really cool reason for it.

WGN shares that pianos have been placed in five different parks around the "Windy City" to "to inspire neighborhoods to make music." as part of their "Pianos In the Parks" program.

"The pianos will be available for free at Buttercup Park, Jackson Park, Washington Square Park, McKinley Park and Mozart Park. A sixth “piano on tour” will visit various parks during July."

Visitors to these parks are welcome to come "play, decorate and have programs around the pianos" now through August 1st.

The pianos have tarps to keep them covered so they will be available and sitting out during all types of weather.


This really puts a new spin on music in the park, when anyone can just come along and play whatever and whenever they feel like it.

Wouldn't it be cool if Rockford did something like this?

Even if they placed one or several along the Sinnissippi bike park, or one in Beattie Park.

Hmmm... something our city should think about.






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