Many kids returning back to school typically receive a welcome back newsletter. Well one Illinois teacher decided he'd rather rap a song and make a video to welcome his students back.

Check this out!

Wow! How cool is that? It's catchy too..."Welcome to the fourth grade..." Admit it you started to sing along to it too.

If I were a kid in school,I'd so want Mr. Reed to be my teacher. What a great way to inspire kids and show them school is cool and can be fun.

Think back when you were in school what teacher inspired you?

In high school I'd have to say my favorite teacher was my French teacher, Mr. Weber. His classroom was the coolest. It was literally crammed full of french pictures, products posters, there was even a map of France outlined on the ceiling. Everywhere you looked was something french. I loved going to his classroom. He made learning french fun. That's how it should be.

Mr. Dwayne Reed you are the coolest teacher I've come across in a long time, keep up the good work and keep making learning fun for those kids.