Another reason why Illinois is in such a financial mess.

Kevin Longfellow of Washington Illinois received a packet containing a letter and some forms from the Illinois Department of Transportation informing him that he needed to register a roadside sign for his business with the State of Illinois.

The Journal Star reports that Longfellow had a sign promoting his business, Interstate Batteries of Central Illinois, along the roadside where it has stood for 30 years. The State warned him that he needed register that sign with federal and state authorities or face legal consequences.

Illinois Spends $6.95 to collect $5
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The letter he received said that he had 90 days to fill out the forms and send $5 to the state, otherwise he would face legal consequences from the state of Illinois. The envelope the letter came in cost the state $6.95 to send to him.

What's wrong with this math? If you are in a business and it costs you $6.95 to manufacture a product, that you can sell for $5.00, that equals a loss of $1.95.

Only in Illinois!

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