I remember as a student, the thing that I feared the most was test time. Some people do very well on tests but for some the stress can get to them and they clam up which can mean lower test scores or even a failing grade. Stress levels can really affect your school work and even your life. According to the Chicago Tribune, one school in Illinois has went above and beyond to ease the stress of their students before exams.

Lane tech in Chicago contacted Canine Therapy Corps to bring in a therapy dog named Waffles to help the students chill out. One student said " Just the idea of having a dog in school is good because the school environment is just about stress and then here is this dog, it's a nice break". Monica Synecky, Waffle's owner and volunteer says she often takes Waffles to high schools for students around finals time.

I think its awesome that someone had this idea, If it helps the students get higher scores and it helps relieve their stress I'm all for it. Too bad I can't bring my dogs to work.


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