If you listen to some national news networks it would be easy to believe that you can't go outside anywhere in Illinois without having to dodge gunfire or someone randomly punching you in the face, but then there's reality.

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Of course, there are areas around the state dealing with senseless violence and other problems. Still, according to a ranking by GoBankingRates, we have several cities that are some of the safest, and most affordable in the country.

Texas Has 11 Cities on List of Safest and Most Affordable

Using metrics like costs of living and crime rate in each city, the ranking of the Top 25 cities in the U.S. included 11 from Texas.

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Of all the cities ranked, the lowest cost of living was Brownsville, Texas at $2,940 estimated monthly costs, while Mesa, Arizona had the highest rate of violent crime.

Midwest Cities Well Represented in the Top 25

We've got about a half dozen towns from the Midwestern states that made the ranking of Most Affordable and Safest.

Dearborn, Michigan is the 20th Most Affordable and Safest

Fort Wayne, Indiana is the 19th Most Affordable and Safest

Joliet, Illinois is the 17th Most Affordable and Safest

Sterling Heights, Michigan is the 14th Most Affordable and Safest

Rochester, Minnesota is the 5th Most Affordable and Safest

Elgin, Illinois is the Most Affordable and Safest City in America

Elgin topped the list with an average median income of over $85,000 and a total monthly cost of living right at $4,000.

A few honorable mentions in the Top 50 of the Most Affordable and Safest Cities in Illinois include Warren, Michigan ranked 37th, Madison, Wisconsin at 45th, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa ranked 47th.

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