Anybody missing a chicken?

Well, the Swansea Police Department might have found who you're looking for. Sometimes your job as a police officer entails things you didn't expect. Sure you expect traffic stops and other crimes, but it's not every day you have to search for the owner of a chicken. But this isn't just any chicken. Check out how the Illinois Police hilariously described this bird on Facebook -

Have you ever heard a chicken described with such colorful adjectives?

Loud. Belligerent. Non-cooperative. Foul smelling. Won’t leave.

Like is that a chicken or your ex who won't leave you alone?

One Facebook user actually pointed out the specific type of bird that was found and it's really a guinea fowl. Which looks like this -


And I think they're more sought after than chickens because I saw another Facebook comment on the post that was pretty much saying if the police don't find the owners, they'll gladly take the bird.

All of the comments on the Facebook post are pretty hilarious. When somebody corrected the police on the type of bird it was the police responded, "Ugly chicken". Then someone else asked, "Are your detectives trying to figure why it crossed the road???". That one really got me.

So if you know anybody who's missing a guinea fowl who is loud, belligerent, and stubborn, this might be their bird! You can comment on the Facebook post if you have any more information on the situation.


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