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Do you have your shopping done? Here, I can help...if the person you are buying for lives in Illinois, just get them an IPhone 12...Pick me up one as well.

Our friends at HomeSnacks but together a comprehensive list of the most popular Christmas gifts, state by state. While I'm not really surprised I guess, about the IPhone 12 thing...there are some odd ones:

  • Arizona - Keurig K-Duo
  • Kentucky - Harry Potter Mystery Wand
  • Mississippi - Barbie Dreamhouse 
  • Nebraska - Lego Super Mario

There are also multiple states that the video game "Cyberpunk 2077" is the most popular...That's a LOT of refunds. They just recalled the game around the world and they are offering refunds, ouch!

So what is it about the IPhone 12 that makes it the number one gift in Illinois? Is it simply the "gotta have the new one" factor? Obviously smartphones are a way of life for us now, and everything you need is a click or an app away Like this EAGLE APP

Oh by the way, Connecticut...a patio heater? Seriously, a patio heater. What kind of hipster, waste of time and money is that? Here's a fire pit from Walmart and some firewood from the gas station...enjoy the warmth you "too cool" Connecticut.


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