Dads change diapers too and Pampers is finally hooking up men's bathrooms with changing tables.

Men's bathrooms aren't really on my radar but as I get older and many of my friends have kids, I've seen Facebook post after post after post about the annoying fact that men's bathrooms don't have changing tables.

Men have to change diapers, too, world!

And finally the world is listening. More specifically, Pampers, and thanks to John Legend and Donte Palmer.

Pampers announced this week that they will add 5,000 changing tables to men's bathrooms across the country (and in Canada), after a viral photo of Donte Palmer squatting while changing his kid's diaper went viral late last year.

Donte and John Legend lead this movement along with Pampers and Koala Kare and while there's no date as to when the changing tables as expected to be installed. I bet if you follow #lovethechange, you'll find photos and videos of men discovering the newly installed changing stations.

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