You begin the day hunting for arrowheads in Illinois and the next thing you know you have 140 Bigfoot footprints instead. Isn't life peculiar?

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This is another fun adventure shared by Illinois Sasquatch on YouTube. Based on the video, it appears his friend Dave K was looking for arrowheads near Bu Creek, but ended up with something else entirely. The result is a video of what he says are 140 Bigfoot prints. Judge for yourself.

Some of the prints are rather large, however this print where he uses his foot as a scale looks smaller than his own in my opinion.

Illinois Sasquatch via YouTube
Illinois Sasquatch via YouTube

He was the one standing there and he says the print is bigger than his, so I'll take his word for it. Maybe it's a baby Bigfoot? I'm not judging. Cameras can do weird things.

I'm also not familiar with where Bu Creek is in Illinois. I know Bull Creek, but have never heard of Bu. Thinking this might be a creek in southern Illinois? There are some heavily-forested woods down there so if I were a Bigfoot (fun hypothetical), that would be prime real estate for me and my people.

This guy's video is worth checking out if you're curious. Many of the prints do look a bit large to be an enthusiastic dude out enjoying an afternoon running along an Illinois Creek. Definitely follow Illinois Sasquatch on YouTube as they frequently share interesting Bigfoot moments like this.

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