For eight hundred feet of thrilling fun, check out the longest snow tubing run in Illinois.

Winter Is Coming Soon

Something you rarely hear from Illinois residents is "I can not wait until winter starts." You may really enjoy that time of year but it is hard to admit because people will think you are crazy. The beginning is the hardest because we are not used to the cold, wind, and snow. After a bit, our body adjusts to the weather change. Then it is not so bad, well, unless there is a blizzard or winter vortex.

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Winter Can Be Fun In Illinois

Once you get used to the winter weather, you can enjoy it. There are plenty of fun outdoor activities to participate in while living in Illinois. Things like skating, skiing, sledding, snowmobiling, playing in the snow, and that is just naming a few.

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Favorite Winter Activity

One of my favorite winter activities is snow tubing. Think about sledding but only better. There are official runs instead of random hills. That makes the ride much smoother. Plus, the blow-up tube can take bumps more like shocks so it does not hurt your body when you hit one. Riding a tube in the water is a blast and on the snow, it is too.

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Best Place For Snow Tubing In Illinois

When it comes to snow tubing, there is one characteristic that I look for. That is the longer the better because once you get to the bottom, then you have to climb back to the top to ride again.


Luckily, the longest snow tubing hill in Illinois is a short drive from Rockford. It is at Mount Hoy at Blackwell Forest Preserve in Warrenville.

According to, 

"Get ready for the longest snow tubing run in the state. Situated in Warrenville, Illinois on the north side of the state, this exciting and giant hill is fun for the whole family. Kids of all ages will want to play here every day this winter and will hope for a constant snow day."

Check it out for yourself...

For more info, HERE.

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