There used to be this little girl who would set up her lemonade stand in the summer when I was living in Hoffman Estates. I was working in construction at the time and every day on my way home I would pass her little makeshift stand. Usually her mom was out there with her and she would charge a couple quarters for a glass of lemonade. Most days I would pull to the side of the road and toss her a buck for a little cup. I had asked her one day if she was saving money for anything and she said to go to Disney while her mom corrected her and said it's for college.

I don't know if she ever saved up enough for Disney or for college but I know I made my fair share of donations to the cause. The sad thing is, now a days, there's always someone that has to ruin a good thing. Kid's lemonade stands started getting shut down or parents were getting tickets because they didn't get the proper permits or pay the right fees. Seriously a lemonade stand? The couple bucks those kids are making a day and they're worried they aren't paying for licenses?

Thankfully cooler heads are starting to prevail and common sense is making a return. State Senator Steve Stadelman has introduced Senate Bill 3459 which would eliminate any requirements like that for lemonade or other non-alcoholic beverages for children according to WREX.

I say let the kids have their lemonade stands. There are far worse things they could be getting into! I would say as long as there is an adult there to supervise, only because often times these kids are talking to strangers and it's better to be safe than sorry, let them sell their lemonade. If you're worried about something in the lemonade, don't buy it then! Hopefully this bill passes soon so this summer kids can set up those stands and start raising money for college.... or Disney!

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