More often than not, it's good to listen to someone who understands laws for a living, when you're talking about a big law being overturned. 

A lot of information we take in everyday is filtered by the pages we chose to like and follow on social media, or the buttons we click when filling out an email opt-in form, but sometimes talking to someone who's spent their entire adult life in a courtroom can be helpful when you're trying to understand a legal decision.

On Good Day Stateline, which airs weeknights on FOX39 here in Rockford at 5:30 and 11pm, we're lucky to have Attorney, Tim Mahoney, stop by every month and break down hot topics in the legal world.

During his most recent visit he dove into what the overturning of Roe v. Wade meant for all of us right now, here in Illinois and across the country.

He also discussed what could be next for the Supreme Court after this decision was made.

I feel lucky to be able to ask questions like I did about the 'Trigger Laws.' I thought I understood what that term meant, and while I was on the right track, I'm not sure I was actually on the right train if you know what I mean.

Tim will be back on GDS in August to break down even more details about this Supreme Court Ruling, you can always send your questions for Tim to GDS at

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