You didn't break the law, but if you live and drive in Illinois, you being watched and tracked.

The Journal Standard is reporting that police agencies are using high-tech cameras to scan thousands of license plates an hour in Illinois.

You are likely to be watched if you attend gun shows or a mosque. However, law enforcement agencies say the data is used to gather data they say can help solve crimes and enforce traffic laws.

Some Illinois lawmakers and civil liberties advocates worry the technology could lead to illegal tracking of private citizens.

The Journal Standard reports that Illinois Republican Rep. Peter Breen wants this practice to end. Breen, a constitutional law attorney, has introduced legislation that would limit government use of automatic license-plate readers and impose a 30-day limit on data collected. The bill, which has bipartisan support, also would prevent government agencies from selling the data to private companies.

The Journal Standard reports that police say concerns about the cameras are overblown. They argue that limiting how long data can be kept could hinder investigations into missing persons or other crimes that can take longer to solve.

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