A few years ago the movement to raise the minimum wage became a huge national issue. Many states voted to have a plan in place to raise it to $15. While many businesses have opposed the raise, citing the ability to pay that much per hour, government officials have given them some leeway in the amount of time they have before it gets to $15.

One Illinois lawmaker has decided to take on the increase with a proposed bill that would allow individual cities to determine what the minimum wage should be. Republican State Senator Chuck Weaver introduced Senate Bill 3396, which allows a city or county to determine their minimum wage based on cost of living according to WREX.

Basically $15 would be the standard, but if you live in an area where cost of living is 20% below the standard, your pay would be $12.

Democratic opponents say the $15 minimum is the right way to go and to offer tax rebates for smaller businesses to offset the costs.

Should Illinois adopt the regional policy or keep it at the voted on $15? Tell us in the comments.

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