Well maybe the grumbling of receiving that letter in mail to call to report for jury duty, won't seem so bad now that all Illinois jurors are getting a pay raise.

WREX reports that last year that former Governor Quinn signed into legislation the raising of jurors pay. The law doubles and even triples that number depending on how long a juror works. Jurors will now earn $25 on their first day and $50 every day after.

Wow! That almost makes the experience of jury duty a little more easier to stomach. Instead of the allotted $13 a day by Winnebago County, you'll be getting twice that much in one day.

It doesn't reduce the hassle it creates for jostling your job and schedules, but it does help in alleviating some of the pain of having to serve on a jury. At least a little bit.... Right?

The problem of the pay raise is hard on the county though. They now are under a bit of money strain of payment with this raise. Winnebago County Chairman Scott Christensen says that now "We are going to have to move money from fund balances to cover that and that's never a good long term solution," Christensen says. "It's just another fault in that category of an unfunded mandate."

Hopefully, it all works out on the end, but at least we civil servants doing our public duty are being recognized for it.