If you hunt in Illinois, you may be subject to a big fine.

You can't really blame someone for trying to save money, but if you're caught, it will cost you. Operation Double Dip is in effect in Illinois.

The Illinois Department of Conservation (IDNR) along with the Indiana Dept of conservation have collected over $85,000 in fines from hunters in Illinois and Indiana who have falsely claimed to be a resident of the state they do not reside in to obtain hunting permit at a lower rate.

If you live in Illinois, you can get an Illinois  hunting license at a lower rate than a resident of Indiana can to hunt in Illinois, and vice-versa.

According to MyRadioLink:

Both Indiana and Illinois law state, “No person may claim residency in more than one state at the same time for the purpose of purchasing resident hunting or fishing licenses.”  This investigation revealed that many of the defendants had defrauded the state for several years.

211 hunters were issued citations in 2016 for falsifying their legal residence to obtain an Illinois hunting license. All were required to pay a hefty fine and in soem cases hunting privileges were revoked permanently.

If you hunt, pay up!

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