It's almost a wrap for 2021 and it can't come soon enough. Maybe that's a little negative but I'm sure others will agree that 2021 wasn't that much better than 2020.

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Before the year comes to a close though some lists have been released and, in true Illinois fashion, one of them isn't good.

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The Good News

Let's hit the good news first if you want to call it that.

Illinois ranks near the top when it comes to population numbers. The Land of Lincoln sits at spot number 6 on the list of most populous states in America, according to WFLD in Chicago.

Data from the United States Census Bureau shows Illinois has maintained the #6 spot in 2020 and 2019, too.

The Bad News (For Illinois)


Despite holding the same spot on that populous list, people are relocating out of the state in groves. What is also strange is the booming housing market in Illinois, specifically in the Northern Illinois area.

Only two other places in the United States experienced more residents relocating out of state versus Illinois, both New York, and Washington D.C.

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Regardless of all of that, Illinois still had a record-breaking year with a loss of almost 125,000 residents in 2021. According to WFLD, it is the largest decline in state history.

I'm curious to know how many residents simply moved to a bordering state along the state line. If residents see an advantage to move out of state without leaving the area for the sake of their job or family, it would be hard to argue against doing that.

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