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Have you ever heard of the "Tinley Park Triangle?" Why is Illinois such a hotbed for  corroborated UFO sightings? What does Illinois have that the rest of the country doesn't have, that aliens like so much? So many sightings, so many unanswered questions.

From Huffpost Illinois has had over 90,000 UFO reportings since 1905. Now there are places like Area 51 across the country that are the "popular" UFO and alien spots...but why Illinois and why Tinley Park?

Six of the ten biggest and corroborated UFO stories in the country, have happened in Illinois. Check out these three famous sightings, all from Tinley Park, Illinois:

  • Tinley Park Lights, August 2004 - Three red lights in a triangle, seen by at least 45 people.
  • Tinley Park Lights II, October 2004 (on Halloween no less) Three triangle lights once again, this time witnessed by 77 people. 
  • Tinley Park Lights III, October 2005 - 2 or 3 lights appear again, witnessed by 72 people. 

So what is it with the Tinley Park area that little green men love so much? Maybe these aliens are looking for their cars in the parking lot at their giant outdoor concert venue? You can literally walk a mile to find your car there. The "Out of This World Music Theatre?"

The actually UFO chasers and watchers, love to set up shop in Illinois because of it's frequency. We've had 7 foot tall "bat winged" creatures in our area, multiple bizarre appearances by strange vehicles, and so much more. Our state brings in all types, and I'm pretty sure our current governor isn't from this planet.

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