There's a gas station that, simply put, does not want customers wearing face masks inside their store. Of course, none of the employees will comment on the note, likely because they've been instructed not to. Putting myself in their shoes, I wouldn't be comfortable working in that environment if customers were advised NOT to wear facemasks. Yes, that is exactly what is on the handwritten sign, along with thoughts on Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker.


facemasks allowed in store

lower your masks

or go somewhere else

Stop listening 2

Pritzker he's dumb

if you don’t like it I suggest you go somewhere else

This report from WMBD-TV comes with very little detail, which raises several questions. Is there high crime in the area and there's an abundance of cautious? Is there concern over selling alcohol and/or tobacco to a minor?  Is the owner a conspiracy theorist?

It looks like this gas station is not alone on being loose on facemask requirements. In the comments for this story in the "class action lawsuit against the state of Illinois and J.B. Pritzker" Facebook group, someone claims a big box store in the Rockford area isn't enforcing masks either.

Lowes Machesney Park masks suggested not required.

This must be a Lowe's decision because the Rockford is almost loose on facemask requirements.

THANK YOU Lowe’s for taking my $411 today! Menards decided not to take my money or let me in the store. Why ? Because I didn’t have a face mask. We live in a free country and I DON’T own a mask! FYI- Though Menards will sell you a mask at the door for $1. #menardslostacustomer#Lowescustomer (BillandStephanie Crary via Facebook)

Obviously, Pritzker has ordered facemasks to be worn in public places but it's no surprise there are people breaking this order, per their freedom.

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