Illinois flea markets are a treasure trove waiting to be explored, but with aisles overflowing with everything from grandma's old teacups to last year's fidget spinners, where do you even begin?


Flea Market Season in Illinois

It's officially garage sale and flea market season in Illinois, and a good rule of thumb to remember is; the early picker gets the good stuff!

I may not be an avid garage saler or flea marketer, but when I do go I try to come up with a plan of attack before I start shopping. Why? It helps me avoid spending too much money and/or coming home with a bunch of crap I don't need and will never use.

When I go to flea markets, I go with one goal in mind; finding cool stuff to repurpose. Some of the things I love to find are old windows and old doors that my husband and I turn into unique pieces of furniture or decor to use in our home. What do YOU go to flea markets for?


Flea Market Must-Finds

If you're heading to a flea market soon and want to be smart about the purchases you make, here are the three things flea market experts from Traders Village say you should always look for:

  1. Antiques- Obviously, most people go to flea markets with buying antiques in mind, but what antiques have the most potential for high return on your investment (or the most use of)? Furniture, light fixtures, artwork, and furniture.
  2. Jewelry - There is always a wide selection of jewelry to find at flea markets, from antique jewelry to brand new and home made, and the best part is, it's usually where you will find the best bargains!
  3. Clothing - Everyone likes getting new wardrobe pieces, and clothing found at flea markets is usually unique and very inexpensive.

Now that you know what you SHOULD buy at flea markets/garage sales/antique shows in Illinois, here are some more items you probably SHOULDN'T buy...

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