Dogs digging in yards is a problem most pet owners have to deal with, but did you know dogs digging up dirt is not only annoying, but it can be deadly as well?

A Big Digging Problem

This is my dog Gentry, and Gentry LOVES to dig. (Hence the dirty proof on the window)

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Gentry likes to go under our deck and dig. He likes to dig for rabbits along the fence line. No matter how many barriers we put up or how many times he gets in trouble, Gentry can't control his digging obsession. It's a real problem, and today it just got worse.

Illinois Dog Nearly Dies From Digging in Dirt

I think we all know dirt is full of bugs and other nasty stuff we don't want to think about or have in our homes, but did you know it can actually be deadly for your dog? Unfortunately, one Garden Prairie, Illinois family just found this info out the hard way.

According to WIFR;

At only three years old, a black lab named Mocha is in the fight of his life after he was diagnosed with an unexpected fungal infection in his lung.

Mocha's owners, Michael and Yomaira Lee of Garden Prairie, said Mocha started showing signs of a cold shortly after a play session of dirt digging, and got progressively worse in the next few weeks.

After taking Mocha to 3 different vet clinics and waiting over a week for test results, Mocha was finally diagnosed with Blastomycosis, which is a bacterial infection of the lungs. This disturbing diagnosis left Mocha's owners with a tough decision; put their beloved dog down, or have one of his lungs removed.

The Lees chose lung removal because Mocha "had the will to live, we could see it in his eyes", and because they have young children who adore him.

Obviously, emergency surgery such as this comes with a pretty steep price tag, so the Lee family has established a GoFundMe to help cover Mocha's medical expenses. They are also making it their mission to educate other pet parents about the dangers of dogs digging in the dirt, so no one has to experience the fear and worry they have gone through the last month.

How To Get Your Dog to Stop Digging

When training classes, setting up barriers, and punishment still don't deter your dog from digging, here are some more creative things to try from

Good luck!

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