All you can eat pancakes, sounds tasty, but there are rules.An woman from Oak Lawn, Illinois found out just that, and was not happy about Denny's rules regarding how their $4 all you can eat pancakes promotion works, namely, you can't share the pancakes with all your friends!

Yes the police had to get involved with the pancake caper.  According to WGN-TV, Natasha West went to the local Denny's with her friends and ordered the $4.00 special. After the pancakes arrived, she ordered more and started sharing them with her friends. The waitress noticed and told West, that sharing was not allowed.

West got upset and started swearing and attempted to punch the waitress and then left. Police were called and located the vehicle West was traveling in.

WGN-TV reports that:

West was arrested, and one of her friends paid the restaurant bill. West was charged with assault and damage to property.

So, what exactly is Denny's policy on it's all you can eat pancakes? According to, the Denny's menu states:

We start you off with three fluffy buttermilk pancakes and then deliver them hot, two at a time, until you’ve had your fill.

The menu does not specifically state that you cannot share, but the menu states  “restrictions may apply”. So, next time read the fine print.