When we have a question where is the first place we go for an answer? Usually, it's our phone, specifically Google or social media. In this case, an answer (or opinion) was sought after on Facebook.


If this rule isn't in your life you might want to squeeze it into your book of rules. An Illinois couple might have decided to do just that.

We're all aware of the booming housing market in Rockford. Homes are selling faster than ever, it seems. So it must also mean a percentage of people moving into those homes are from outside the area.

A Cortland couple who are entertaining the idea to move to the forest city, a.k.a Screw City, a.k.a Rockford, innocently asked about living in Rockford on a Rockford-focused Facebook group.


I've lived in or around Rockford most of my life and maybe I'm slightly biased but I always Rockford is what you make of it. If you want to be miserable you'll be miserable, if you don't want to look for something to then there will be nothing to do.

Back to the responses on Facebook, as a content creator who has to uses social media daily for work purposes, I can tell you asking for opinions through social media isn't the best idea. Ask for opinions about Rockford, specifically, on social media is a bad idea.

Buckle up, it might be a bumpy ride.

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