People love Costco. Let me reiterate that; People LOVE their Costco store. I may be going out on a limb but I think, comparatively - Costco lovers are more obsessed than Target lovers. I've been inside a Costco only one time but I think I can understand people there are customers show are borderline obsessed with the warehouse chain.

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Why do people love Costco so much?

Well, it's an exclusive club, almost literally. Secretly we all want to be part of a special club, right? But there is more to just wanting to be a member, it's what is on the inside that counts. (Or so I've been told.) There is a lot to love inside the massive store.

  • The Prices

The prices are low, low, low, low. Sure, you've got to drop at least $60 to become a member but you can find some incredible deals on all kinds of different items. It's not all bulk either.

  • The Selection

To piggyback on the previous reason, you can buy just about anything in Costco. You can buy food, booze, floats, clothes, electronics, jewelry, and a bunch of other things.

  • The Interior

The inside is big, bright, and clean- it smells like shopping heaven. Also, the staff are engaging, polite, helpful, and don't look like they hate their lives.

  • The Free Samples

If this list were based on "top reasons to love Costco" this would probably be number 2, or at least number 3.

  • The Food Court

When Costco opened in Loves Park, Illinois I heard so much about the food court. "Ya gotta try the food court!" "Make sure you get a hot dog!" "Have you tried the pizza?" I have and they're (insert chef's kiss emoji here).

Brace yourself, here comes a price increase.

Speaking of the food court, Costco is raising a few of the menu prices but there are no reasons to scream or boycott. The prices aren't going up substantially. NBC 15 reports the only items' prices being increased are the pop (soda?) and the Chicken Bake.

The price for it [chicken bake] has reportedly gone up from $2.99 to $3.99. And if you just want a 20-ounce fountain drink, those are now reportedly 69 cents instead of 59 cents.

It's going to be fine. Superfans can continue loving Costco.

[h/t NBC 15]

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