A trip down I-90 will lead you to one of the most expensive cities for concerts in the country. Can you guess which band cost the most money per ticket since 2010? I bet you can't.

Major ticket reseller SeatGeek did a study on the average ticket price for a concert in 50 different cities. The highest average was just over $200/ticket and the lowest was $85/ticket. If you guessed Chicago being the most expensive you're wrong. According to SeatGeek, Los Angeles topped the list at an average of $206 per ticket. Chicago did make the list, though. So did Milwaukee (#37) at $112 a ticket. Chicago sits at #10 at an average of $140/ticket. I'm not a baller by any means but that doesn't seem too high because it's Chicago and I'd expect it to be expensive. I was surprised by which band won the award for the highest price for a ticket on average.

SeatGeek dove a little further into their study to see what concerts were the most expensive concert n the listest cities since 2010. It was Lady Gaga in Las Vegas on January 19, 2019, at a whopping $944 per ticket average. For Chicago, I guessed Taylor Swift at Soldier Field. I was wrong, but she did make the list for three different cities. Chicago's most expensive concert since 2010 was Grateful Dead at Soldier Field in 2015 at an average of $650 a ticket.

Check out the full list here.

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