Commuting to and from work can really be a pain. All those extra minutes sitting in the car.

One Illinois city has one of the worst yet less stressful commutes.

Wait What? How can it be the worst but not stressful?

That just doesn't make sense.

If it's bad to drive in then it should be stressful too. I mean those two things go hand in hand when it comes to commuting. Don't they?

Well, according to DNAInfo Chicagoa study done by the staffing firm of Robert Half that's not necessarily true.

Hmmm... Ok how is this possible?

Based on the study done by Robert half they found that although some commutes into the bigger cities may be long their stress factors aren't as terrible.

So which Illinois city is the worst but less stressful?

Drum Roll Please......


Of course it's Chicago. Not a surprise there. It's the third worst commute at 58.5 minutes. What is surprising is that it lands at 13 for having less stress.

The top 5 Worst Commutes are

1. Washington D.C. at 60.42 minutes

2. San Francisco, CA at 59.20 minutes

3. Chicago, IL at 58.50 minutes

4. New York, NY at 57.92 minutes

5. Dallas, TX at 54.95 minutes

However, the cities with the most stressful commutes in the top 5 are:

1. Los Angeles, CA

2. Miami, FL

3. Austin, TX

4. Phoenix, AZ

5. San Francisco, CA

Interestingly enough Chicago is at a 3 way tie along with Boston, MA and Denver, CO for 13th place as being less stressful.

So what makes Chicago's commute less stressful?

A study done by Smart Assest "ranked cities by commutes gave the Chicago area credit for its mass transit system that includes the CTA and Metra, which it describes as less stressful than driving."

So when reading this it means that the more means you have to commute to work, train, buses, etc... the less stress is involved. Ok well that does makes sense.

To see the full study or the worst and less stressful commutes, click here.




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