I HATE bugs, but I had accepted, and even slightly enjoyed, the cicada invasion happening in Illinois right now...until something terrifying happened to my daughter and I yesterday.

Before I tell my story, let me just say this; what happened yesterday was completely my fault, I should have known better.

Terrifying Cicada Experiences in Illinois

When it's nice outside my daughters and I like to ride our 4-wheeler around a small area of trees in an undeveloped part of our subdivision. Right now, our fav spot is also crawling with cicadas. Here is a video I took last week of how loud the cicadas were...


When I took that video last week we could definitely hear the cicadas, but we couldn't see them unless we looked REALLY hard.

Remember earlier when I said I don't mind the cicadas? Yes, they are ugly, but they don't bother you physically, (unless you can't stand their "music"), so I've been fascinated by the sheer amount of cicadas that are all over the area I live in.

My cicada acceptance though has a limit, and that limit was breached yesterday in the exact same place I took the video last week.

While my oldest daughter and I were out riding our 4-wheeler again, we zipped though our fav spot and got SMACKED in the FACE by several cicadas!  (I should have know bad things were on the horizon when we entered the area because the cicada sound was about 2 times louder than it was last week). My daughter was screaming bloody murder in front of me, and I'm pretty sure I got peed on by a few of these insects too.

Were either of us injured? Nope.

Is it a little extreme to call yesterday's cicada run-in "terrifying"? Probably, but I for sure know my daughter was traumatized by it. She even said to me, "that was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me in Pecatonica". LOL!

So, I guess the moral of this story is; cicadas aren't scary...until they fly around and smack you in the face. Why can't they just hand in the trees and never use their wings?!?

Be careful out there, and don't forget to wear your head gear.

Can I share one more cicada experience that at first looks terrifying, but once you find out what happened is actually quite funny? Check out this picture captured in southern Illinois earlier this week...

Do you have any cool cicada photos to share? Please send them to us on the app!

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