Gas prices are beginning to drop throughout Illinois but there are still parts of the state where it's considerably cheaper to buy fuel than in others.

Compared to just 6 months ago when the lowest fuel price in Chicago for Regular grade gas was averaging $5.92 (June 10, 2022), prices are more than two dollars cheaper today with the current average running $3.33 for a gallon of Regular.

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Year to year Regular gasoline is more than 10 cents per gallon cheaper in December 2022 compared to December 2021 in the Chicago metro area.

Fuel prices in the state of Illinois will fluctuate as you drive from neighborhood to neighborhood, village to village, and county to county.

Where is the cheapest gas in the state of Illinois?

According to AAA, the county with the lowest average price per gallon of Regular gas is Kendall County at $2.85.

The gas station with the cheapest gallon of Regular is in Roscoe, Illinois according to GasBuddy. The Love's Travel Stop is offering $2.39 a gallon of Regular but you must pay in cash. Also in Roscoe, two other gas stations offer some of the lowest prices for fuel in the state with Thorntons at $2.49 and Speedway at $2.62 per gallon.

Where can I find the latest gas prices in Illinois?

You can use several sites and apps to track current gas prices across the United States, but one that's simple to use is AAA which gives gas price averages throughout the state of Illinois and in each individual village.

GasBuddy also breaks down current gas prices by state and city, but you're not likely to find the smaller Illinois towns on the list.

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