You've just returned home from an exhausting day, hungry and ready to devour your store-bought delicacy.

As you eagerly dig rummage through your fridge you spot that salad mix you've been dying for. (Stay with me...) Then, a sudden chill runs down your spine. Wait, what's that?

You toss your salad and get it on your plate and then the worst-case scenario happens.

Oh no, is that a wriggling, squirming creature?

Cue the shrieks of horror and the loss of appetite in 3, 2, 1.


Finding a bug in your store-bought food might be the epitome of culinary calamity. It's the sort of unappetizing surprise that can turn even the most voracious of appetites into a sudden case of the heebie-jeebies.

Nobody wants to discover their meal has become a makeshift zoo, starring an unexpected invertebrate star.

"I'm in Illinois; I don't know where the broccoli was grown"

"A Redditor from Illinois lived this nightmare... Is it really a nightmare?", you might be asking yourself.

Imagine, for a moment, the mere sight of a caterpillar nestled amidst your otherwise delectable fare. That thought alone is enough to ruin an entire dining experience.

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In an instant, the mouth-watering aroma of a well-dressed salad can be overshadowed by visions of a creepy crawler invading your broccoli.

You start to wonder if there's a secret wilderness within the grocery store shelves that you were blissfully unaware of until now.


Who's at fault here?

The salad eater didn't elude too much on the popular forum site except for this:

Caterpillar found in broccoli that I got from an Asian grocery delivery service

One can only imagine the inevitable panic that ensues when you spot the trespassing caterpillar.

Utter chaos erupts as you scramble for tissues, brooms, and anything that might serve as a makeshift weapon against this unexpected intruder.

Your once tranquil mealtime has transformed into a slapstick comedy routine, with you as the star.

u/ironobservessound via Reddit
u/ironobservessound via Reddit

Perhaps we look on the bright side. After all, finding a caterpillar in your store-bought food could be seen as an unconventional surprise gift from Mother Nature herself.

It's like receiving a free bonus protein topping, courtesy of the insect world. Suddenly, those pesto-infused salad dishes take on a whole new level of adventure, albeit unappetizing.

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