I don't always talk about politics on 97ZOK, but when I do, it's because it's so friggin' funny. The ongoing budget crisis in Illinois is no laughing matter, people in our state who are in need of life changing services and education are being pushed to the side as politicians in Springfield can't seem to agree on anything except that the budget problem is Bruce Rauner's fault.

But, thanks to The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and correspondent Jordan Klepper, who in his very first episode of his segment, "Happy Endings," has a field day with the budget battle in Springfield.

NBC Chicago shared the video on their Facebook page.

I don't watch the Daily Show enough to say that I'm a fan but this made me LOL, and these poor people in the video. How many times have you asked yourself, because I know I have, if the people being interviewed know that this is satire or if they legitimately believe that this is a serious piece that will be featured on something similar to Dateline or NBC Nightly?

Wait, there's more.

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