A rabid bat bit a little boy in Harvard, Illinois.

I really do like animals but I have a fear of getting bitten. When I was young, I was at a friends house and his dog bit me. I remember how bad it hurt. Luckily, all its shots were up to date. I couldn't imagine having to go through rabies shots. That would be awful.

According to nwherald.com,

"8-year-old Harvard boy being treated after suspected contact with rabid bat."

The bat had gotten into their house through the chimney. When they entered, the animal attacked a child and bit him on the arm. The father shot it with a BB gun. He put it in a container and took it animal control. It tested positive for rabies and the little boy has to go through treatment.

"In August, a rabid bat was found outside a home in Woodstock where no humans made contact with it. So far, there have been 48 rabid bats reported in Illinois."

I don't think I'll be going into caves anytime soon.

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