Living in a small town may not be for everyone, but those who have chosen to reside in a community with a tiny population seem to have found the secret to a great life.

Lower crime rates, less traffic, and a sense of space can be major factors why some decide to make the change.

Small Towns Across Midwest Rank Top in America

When looking to settle down, many choose a small town where they know their neighbors, local business owners, and community leaders, which can create a sense of belonging and support.

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Using data from the Best Places to Live in America article from Niche, we've highlighted the top Midwestern small towns to live in, which included one from Wisconsin and 2 from Illinois that ranked in the Top 20 of 50.

Best Small Towns in Ohio

There were a half dozen Ohio communities that were ranked in the Top 50 Best Small Towns:

Bexley, Ohio - Rank: 50th Best Small Town

Granville, Ohio - Rank: 48th Best Small Town

Madeira, Ohio - Rank: 34th Best Small Town

Shaker Heights, Ohio - Rank: 23rd Best Small Town

Ottawa Hills, Ohio - Rank: 11th Best Small Town

Oakwood, Ohio - Rank: 10th Best Small Town

Wisconsin Village Named One of America's Best Small Towns to Live In

With a population of around 14,000, this beautiful community is right on Lake Michigan and is a village "mostly of single-family houses and safe streets, and it was once the site of a resort built in 1889 by one of Milwaukee's so-called beer barons."

Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin is the 38th Best Small Town to live in, according to Stacker.

Illinois Has 2 of America's Top 20 Best Small Towns to Live in

According to Stacker, the 18th-best small town in the U.S. with just under 8,000 residents is Long Grove, Illinois.

Long Grove was Illinois' first historic district, according to Stacker, and due to its German heritage is known for festivals. Among them an "Apple Fest, a Strawberry Fest, and a Chocolate Fest, a Cocoa Crawl, a Craft Beer Festival, and a Scarecrow Day."

The 17th Best Small Town to Live In is Clarendon Hills, Illinois with less than 9,000 residents. Clarendon Hills calls itself "the volunteer community" and features "a weekend of carnival rides, face-painting, games, music, and other events called Daisy Days."

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