Good bathroom graffiti can make any trip to the restroom a little bit more fun. One with a grammatical error can bring it to a whole new level.

Every Sunday night it pizza night at the house. Nothing big, just a cheese, maybe pepperoni pizza on a Sunday night. There are a few spots in the Sunday night rotation but one of the favorites is Windsor Pizza Parlor, on appropriately enough, Windsor Rd. in Loves Park.

It's good, classic, Rockford style pizza. You'll be happy if you haven't tried it.

I pulled the advanced move of making sure I waited until I got to the restaurant to order the pizza. That way you get some extra time to sit and have a beer or two (or maybe even three.) You might even find some time to throw a quick 20 into a slot machine.

You do what ever you need to do, what I'm saying is, that 30 minutes are yours. You have no responsibility while you are waiting for food.

Some where between drink number one or two I decided to visit the restroom. That's when I can across these messages scrawled across the toilet.

A couple of things to take in here.

1. That's funny. The bar is very low when it comes to bathroom humor and this on passes it with flying colors. Just dirty enough to make anyone laugh but not so obscene that someone has to have an awkward conversation with their kid.

2. Is it still graffiti if it is done by the owners? I only ask because I wonder where the line is between graffiti and decoration. Is there a difference? I apologize for getting too philosophical in this space.

3. You have to proofread before putting something down in permanent ink. I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I've never made a grammatical mistake as basic as then/than but I'm just a blogger. Bad grammar is expected. I think we've reached a place in society where we expect a little bit more out of our bathroom humor.

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