It's so cool to see our hometown businesses succeed and it's even cooler when the success comes with a cardboard fire truck.

You know them and you love them. The team behind Fire Dept. Coffee has been KILLING it for years here in the Stateline and watching them coming to grow is just so cool.

We've seen them from the beginning in 2017 to the huge company they are today and now they've made it to primetime, sort of.

They recently collaborated with two FOX TV shows, 9-1-1 and 9-1-1 Lonestar to send out Fire Dept. Coffee to over 200 different FOX stations across the country.

The shows' latest seasons premiered this past Monday and to get everyone excited for the new episode, FOX packaged the coffee packs into cardboard fire trucks and shipped them off.

One of the boxes came my way before I even knew that our own coffee company was part of the season launch and it was such a cool surprise.

Fire Dept. Coffee has added so many flavors in the past few years, from whiskey infused to apple cider donut and I have a feeling this is just the beginning for the team.

What flavor coffee would you love to see them launch? I'm hoping for some sort of new mocha flavor when we roll into the holidays this year. But don't worry I'm not rushing to November at all. I'm good enjoying spring and summer first.

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