Add these worms to the list of other Illinois invaders we've battled in the past. The emerald ash borer, the Asian carp, and now, jumping worms.

You may have also seen these creatures referred to as crazy worms, Alabama jumpers or even snake worms. According to a recent article in the Chicago Tribune, you'll find these nightmare fuel worms under your feet at the park and in your backyard while gardening.

Right now, in Chicago, the jumping worms are everywhere. It won't take you long to tell an ordinary worm from one of these jumpers. The worm hails from East Asia and they do actually jump. If you disturb one of these worms, it will violently thrash and even leap.

They like the top soil layer, so you'll often see them in your leaves and mulch, eating all day. They have a voracious appetite. And when they gather in a group (more nightmare fuel), they will eat all that top-layer organic matter until it's all gone. Imagine disturbing that mass of worms and all that thrashing and jumping.

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