Illinois State Police will be watching for drivers misusing the left lane on interstate highways.

Misusing the left passing lane on an interstate has been a law since 2004, yet here we are 15 years later and some drivers still don't get it. The only time it's acceptable to travel in the left lane is "when overtaking and passing another vehicle." This is why Illinois State Police are bringing out covert vehicles, according to

“One of the tactics we’re going to use this year is to use covert vehicles and that way we can do special details,” Illinois State Trooper Tracy Lillard told WCIA-TV. “The motoring public doesn’t know which vehicles we’re in, so we can radio in to the squad cars up ahead to pull over those particular vehicles.”

This initiative is also an attempt to reduce road rage for drivers that aggressively pass in the right lane.

Troopers will also target drivers who tailgate as a way to get slower drivers back into the right lane. They said left-lane lingering causes road rage incidents and accidents.

Illinois State Police are aggressively looking for "Left Lane Lollygaggers" and will be issuing $120 for lane misuse. Be smart.

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