People all across the United States are reporting huge spider webs falling out of the sky, and if you thought this couldn't possibly be're wrong.

 Could This Be Your Worst Spider Fear Come True?

I know a LOT of people who are terrified of spiders, and if you are one of them, please allow me to apologize in advance for what I am about to tell you.

spider shape hanging in the air in blue sky and white clouds background
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Personally, I hate spiders too, but I wouldn't exactly say I am terrified of them. If a spider in my home needs to be killed and my husband isn't around to do it, I'll get the job done, but my skin will be crawling as I do it.

Honestly, I may hate the webs that spiders leave behind even more than the arachnids themselves, and I REALLY hate when part of my body gets tangled up in the web, so seeing videos like this come up on social media right now is quite unnerving!

WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? Does our world have flying spiders now?!? Technically no, but we do have spiderwebs flying through the air with spiders attached to them, and apparently, this is not a new thing.

Have You Seen a 'Ballooning' Spider Before?

Often referred to as "ballooning" or "kiting", this phenomenon is achieved when young spiders shoot off a bunch of webbing that acts as a parachute and carries a small spider to a different location.

One Insect expert named Kirsten Pearsons recently told ABC 7 in Chicago;

What it is, is these little spiderlings -- baby spiders -- and when the conditions are right, they will release a bunch of silk, and they will fly off to different locations.

While seeing webs flying through and falling from the sky (with spiders attached to them!) is disturbing, experts say it is a normal process in most spider species' lifecycles, and it is nothing to be alarmed about....just don't let one fall on your face! GROSS!

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