The four words my husband never likes to hear are; "let's go to Ikea." Maybe he will change his mind after reading this.

For me, a trip to Ikea means an endless world of cheap organization and decorating ideas, for my husband it means endless hours of assembling and reading impossible directions. I'm sure many other men feel the same way.

Ready for some cool news? According to the Wall Street Journal, Ikea has teamed up Wireless Power Consortium to develop a new line of tables, desks, and lamps that have chargers built into the furniture. We can soon kiss all those annoying power cords goodbye when the new line debuts on April 15 in Europe and North America.

These "smart" furniture pieces will only cost about $20 more than average Ikea furniture prices, but will probably still come with the same unreadable assembly directions. In case Ikea furniture is not your thing, but you would love to install this awesome piece of technology in to your existing furniture, charging kits will also be available for $33.

Ready for the downfall? (You knew there had to be one.) The chargers seem to work with everything except some models of iPhones. (Darn you, Apple!) Don't worry though, Ikea is trying to figure out a way to solve that pesky problem. Let's hope it's sooner rather than later.