Don't be sad if your old school Michael Jordan jersey doesn't fit you anymore because a new series will be out soon.

The Chicago Bulls championship run with Michael Jordan is one of my favorite sports eras in my life.

I would like to know how many Jordan jerseys they sold in Chicago alone. I had one.

Unfortunately, that was many years ago and it doesn't fit me anymore.

It would be great to get a new one. I've looked for a replacement but they are hard to find.

There is good news coming for MJ fans.

According to,

"Nike has announced it will sell a special edition Michael Jordan Bulls jersey on May 31 commemorating the last of his NBA championships nearly 20 years ago."

Before you even say it, I know what you're thinking. This is just a "cash grab."

Well, it will actually benefit a good cause, the "Friends of the Children" charity.

"Friends of the Children pairs disadvantaged kindergarten-age children with salaried, professional mentors who stay with them through high school graduation."

Since the Bulls are so bad, I think it's time to go old school.

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