Calling for a tow because you're stuck in the snow can be a pain not only because of the wait, but the cost too.

Rockford Towing companies offered several tips to help you free you car if you should find yourself in this predicament. (WIFR)

1. Turn off your car's traction system. By doing this,you "will free up the wheels allowing them to spin freely while preventing them from locking."

2. "Clear a path around your tires." Clear a path around the front tires that is long and wide enough to drive forward and backwards in the car. I always keep a little kids plastic shovel in my trunk to help in shoveling out and clearing a path for your tires.

3. Put you car into the lowest gear to be able to drive forward and backward in a a rocking motion, to get it free.

4. Always keeps your steering wheel straight when "rocking" the car free.

5. Have sand or kitty litter in your trunk to use for traction. Spread it in front of and behind your tires to add in freeing your vehicle.

6. Tow truck drivers say that if you little air out of your tires that can help in gaining a little more grip in freeing yourself.

Mind you tow trucks are there to help you in your time of need, but if there are things to help free your car without their help, I mean why not at least try them. Right?




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