Not all Illinois roads are bad but a bulk of them are downright embarrassing. This is not an opinion, a study released in February 2022 confirms the Land of Lincoln is one of the top 10 worst states for potholes in the United States.

It landed at #7 on the list which isn't worst but it's still embarrassing. (Read the full list here.)

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Will The State Of Illinois Pay The Costs Related To Blowing A Tire When Hitting A Pothole?

It's possible. You might be surprised to know you can file a claim with the State of Illinois to cover the costs of repair related to vehicular damage resulting from a pothole encounter.

There is no guarantee you will be reimbursed as claims are reviewed case-by-case based on "strict negligence and liability standards," according to the Illinois Department of Transportation. You can learn how and where to file here.

A Rockford 'Must Have': The Automatic Pothole Repair Machine
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Is There A Way To Lessen The Number Of Potholes On Illinois Roads?

There may be, according to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. A 2019 report by a Physical Science editor says there is an asphalt rejuvenator that might the same as an anti-aging cream for your skin.

The Land of Lincoln Never-Ending Potholes

With the annual discussion of potholes in Illinois, I fell down a Reddit rabbit hole that led me to what might be the most accurate description when it comes to traveling in Illinois.

(Random thought: Do musicians/comedians make comments about Illinois roads when traveling between Rockford and Chicago?)

Illinois, In One Photo

For the record, this pothole was spotted in Wisconsin.

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