Amazon just announced a new delivery service for your packages.

If it comes to Rockford, would you use it?

WGN reported that Amazon, starting November 8th, will launch a new way "safely"to deliver your orders with their Amazon Key.

The Amazon Key, according to the company, "is a safe way for you to allow delivery drivers inside your home, even when you're not there."

Wait what? Delivery drivers can enter your home when your not home?

How the Amazon Key works is that Prime Members purchase "a kit that includes an Amazon security camera, the Cloud Cam, and a compatible smart lock. The kit starts at $249.99." Then when you make an order "click the "in-home" shipping option. When the delivery driver arrives, Amazon verifies the address and delivery time and allows him or her into your home. You can watch from your phone as the camera records the whole thing. Amazon says the delivery driver will not be given an access code or key."

The Amazon Key can also be used "to let family and friends into your house when you're not home. And it will work for certain services like home cleaners, pet sitters and dog walkers."

The Amazon Key deliver service begins November 8th and will be available in 37 major U.S. cities. The company will continue to add more cities as time goes on.

Hmmm, I'm still not so sure I'd want a stranger entering my home without me there. What do think about this? When it comes to Rockford would you use it?




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