To trick-or-treat, or not to trick-or-treat, that is the big question in 2020.

Personally, I am all for kids being able to trick-or-treat this Halloween as long as a mask is part of their costume, but I realize my neighbors might not feel the same way.

Every Halloween families have the choice to participate in trick-or-treating or not, and I really don't think this year should be any different. If you're worried about the safety risks, turn off your light and don't hand out candy. If you're worried about your kids' safety, stay home and come up with new ways to celebrate Halloween.

For those that want kids to still have fun this Halloween, but are concerned about the safety risks of traditional trick-or-treating, I found some alternatives you could try to let the sweet, spooky fun live on.

First let's start with some ideas shared by fellow Stateliners on Q98.5's Facebook...

Trick-or-treat alternative
trick or treat alternative

I LOVE both of those ideas, and I really think I will do the table set-up thing at my house  while I sit back on my front porch swing and drink pumpkin beer.

Here's a few more ideas I found that I also love on;

  • Set Up A Candy Graveyard - Set up fake tombstones and spooky scenes throughout your yard and pile pre-packaged candy and prizes by each one for kids to wander through and grab.
  • Neighborhood Reverse Trick-or-Treats - Similiar to the COVID-19 birthday parades, kids will be costumed standing in their yards while neighbors drive by and throw candy out to them.
  • Have an Outdoor Glow-In-The-Dark Egg Hunt - Buy some plastic eggs and stuff them with glow sticks and candy to hide throughout your yard Halloween night.

For more great ideas to safely celebrate Halloween this year, check out the full list at

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