A loyal IceHogs fan finds a new way to support the team during a losing season.

We've all been there. Your favorite team is struggling. They keep losing. No matter what they do, they just can't win. As a fan, it gets frustrating.

You're not going to stop following them. You've invested all kinds of time and money into being the best fan you can be. Sometimes as fan, you just have to get creative.

The Rockford IceHogs are having a rough season. They are currently in last place in their division.

I really appreciate what this fan did on Saturday night. He wore wearing a bag over his head, so people don't recognize him. He's still at the game and sporting his team gear. He's having some fun with the fact his team is not playing well, instead of getting all angry. I think it's great. He even wrote IceHogs fan on his paper bag mask.

I feel his pain. I'm a lifelong Chicago Bears fan. They haven't been good in a few years. I've even wore a bag on my head.

Picture: Double T before Chicago Bears game last season. 

Double T - Bears Fan
Double T - Bears Fan

So next time you're favorite team is struggling, don't get angry. Be creative and have some fun with it. That can't suck forever. Look at the Chicago Cubs.


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