Adelaide Residents Try To Stay Cool As Severe Heatwave Continues
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It's summertime and the temperature is HOT! The heat index and temp are creeping up into the triple digits and that's fine. Unless you DON'T have air conditioning. That was a problem an animal shelter had in Huntley when their air conditioner died.

Now, if my air conditioner went down it wouldn't be the end of the world. I would survive. But, for many shelter animals stuck in a cage. It's a completely different scenario.

The shelter needed twenty-thousand dollars to fix the problem and keep the animals cool.

According to NBC Chicago this was the message they put out, “We house approximately 200 pets at the facility,” the shelter’s GoFundMe page said. “Please help the animals have a comfortable place to rest while they await their forever homes.”

I am more than happy to tell you that their goal was met and surpassed. It is always nice to see when times are tough and someone needs help, the community ALWAYS steps up to take care of their own.

"As of Sunday morning, the shelter has surpassed their goal raising nearly $27,000 with over 500 people donating to the cause," according to NBC Chicago.

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